daisydemelza is back!!

Hi everyone,

Finally I’m back to my blog.. I had a crazy summer flying to New York for a week and then travelling on solo to South America exploring the wonderful Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina for just under two months. It was very hard to upload my photos from my camera so unfortunately I couldn’t constantly upload my photos everyday. I am now embarking on a 3 year Digital Media and Advertising course at University which is exciting so I need to get back to posting.

Here’s my first of many for the rest of the year!! (And maybe quite a few of SA to start with..) I was shooting with a Lumix Panasonic FZ72 abroad – so obviously they aren’t as good a shots as my Canon 70D would have taken – but I didn’t want to have lug around my expensive and heavy Canon and potentially have it stolen!!

Laguna Colorada (Red Lagoon) – Bolivia.